Weather Rules

HCSC Recreational League Weather Rules

The following are the HCSC rules for weather conditions:

RAIN: Fields may be closed due to weather (i.e. rain) and notifications will be sent at that time. This will be determined the Club Management ONLY (not officials or coaches).


During game times, the following are HCSC rules regarding lightning:

  1. Stop game and wait 30 minutes. If another strike occurs, you must wait another 30 minutes from each strike.
  2. If 50% of the game has been completed, end game and do not restart.
  3. The new ending time due to lightning stoppage cannot exceed 30 minutes beyond the original scheduled ending time. Games can be restarted up to this maximum ending time.
  4. Game times may be shortened or games terminated, as deemed needed by Club Management.


 The above rules are for the Safety of the Children.

 For other leagues, please refer/adhere to their rules on this matter.