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How Do I Become A Referee?:

Send an e-mail to the current Referee Assignor no less than 4 weeks before the start of either the fall or spring season and request to be added as a referee. The Assignor will contact you back with detailed instructions on how to begin.

To referee in any competitive and most recreational league (except A league) games, a USSF certification is required.

Hamburg Soccer Referee Rates:

Select and Recreational Rates

Premier Rates

For Recreational and Premier , please take note. Rates are listed as what referees are paid per game, not per team.

Basically take this rate and divide in half. This is what your team is responsible to pay the referee each game. The total received from both teams should equal the amount listed.

Or you can take the amount of what was on your referee check and divide by the number of games. That too should end up being what is what you pay the referee(s) each game.

Select teams pay full amount for home games only.

It is your responsibility to have the exact amount for each referee as they (or their parents) often to not have change.

Referee links:

Recreational Laws of the game (Revised Sept 2015)

HCSC Recreational Rules (shortened version for referees)

WSSL Laws of the Game

Michigan Referee Organization


Referee Videos:

Making a Good Impression

Advice to New Referees: Getting Started

Procedures: Pre-Game Conference

Procedures: AR Signals

Procedures: Referee Signals

Laws of the Game:

Law 1

Law 2

Law 3

Law 4

Law 5

Law 6

Law 7

Law 8

Law 9

Law 10

Law 11

Law 12

Law 13

Law 14

Law 15

Law 16

Law 17

Referee Contact Info:

Erich Shrewsbury

USSF Referee Assignor