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What is Risk Management?

Risk management is a requirement of MSYSA. Every Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, Trainer,and (League) Board Member must certify for Risk Management. After a screening is run to determine your viability in working with youth, a number will be distributed by the MSYSA to you via e-mail. 

To begin process for your Risk Managment, please register as a volunteer with our organization please click here 

Coaching Courses
The following coaching courses are currently available for anyone who may be interested in refining their coaching skills and earning a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) license or NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) Diploma.

USSF website for coaching courses. CLICK HERE

NSCAA website for coaching courses. CLICK HERE

For information about local courses, please see the MSYSA website. CLICK HERE 

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Health & Safety


HCSC Recreational Laws of the Game
The HCSC Laws is a guideline for all of our in-house teams. Adaptions for our club is in red. (Revised Sept 2015)

WSSL Laws of the Game

WSSL Club and Player Rules

WSSL Game Day and Game Sheet Instructions

Premier Game Day Procedures   

Premier Game Sheet Instructions