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Hamburg Community Soccer Club is a volunteer run soccer organization dedicated to growing the love for soccer, at an affordable price. Our recreational soccer program offers a local, laid back approach to soccer. There are no tryouts and one practice and game can be expected a week, for 6-8 games total. For formal competitive games, teams may be formed at the event from the pool of players present, allowing for fair and even matches for best player development and enjoyment. Games are expected to be played on Saturdays.

All practices and games will be held at Merrill Fields (Manly W. Bennett Memorial Park) in Hamburg, MI.

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Hamburg Rush Travel Tryouts

If you are interested, please fill out the form here and we will get back to you with possible team placements.

Please contact Jim Clark at (810)923-5552 if interested in playing, there will be no tryouts due to Covid-19 restrictions.


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Hamburg Community Soccer Club (HCSC) is committed to providing a competitive travel soccer experience through Hamburg Rush at an affordable price. Teams will play in WSSL (Select) or MSPSP (Premeir) leagues.

Rush is an international organization with over 34,000 members and offers countless oportunities. Some of those oportunities include:

Tutor Program

The Tutor Program allows any Rush player the opportunity to train with other teams in the Rush. One of the main components to becoming a great player is quite simple: hard work. Hard work equates to hundreds of hours striving towards a goal you have established. Dedication to a personal goal is imperative to your growth and eventually your success.

Every day, there are dozens of teams training. Thousands of players are reaching for the top to someday play professionally or perhaps even for their country. You have every opportunity to train as much as you desire. There are no excuses or obstacles other than the ones you create. There is no cost associated with the Tutor Program.

All players interested in participating in the Michigan Rush Tutor Program must gain approval and placement from Rush Staff.

Player Loan Program

The Player Loan Program is a Rush Soccer interclub player exchange opportunity that allows players from Rush Soccer Branch Chapters to experience playing with other teams all over the country. Its goal is to provide numerous opportunities for our members to facilitate and guide their development, as well as to help them achieve their individual goals and dreams.

Players may take advantage of playing opportunities with teams in other regions of the country. They could play in events that their team may not be able to participate in and be able to play at higher competitive levels. They could be exposed to regional or national staff, travel regionally, nationally or internationally, and experience different playing styles, coaching, cultures, and traditions.

Coaches would form competitive teams that would compete in high level national events. They would have options and opportunities to expose their players into events that logistically, financially, or for personnel reasons would be difficult to achieve within their own teams or clubs.

If interested, please contact us by calling Jim Clark at (810)923-5552, or by emailing for more info.

Cost Information for 2017-2018 Rush Travel

All base fees include: Club related fees (league, referee, insurance, Hamburg Township, operational costs)

2010 U8 teams --- Base fee: $210 whole year per player

2009-2008 U9-U10 teams --- Base fee: $210 whole year per player

2007-2006 U11-U12 teams --- Base fee: $230 whole year per player

2005-2004 U13-U14 teams --- Base fee: $250 whole year per player***

2003 U15 teams --- Base fee: $250 whole year per player***

High School girls --- Base fee: $210 fall 2017 season per player***

High School Boys --- Base fee: $210 spring 2018 season per player***

***If team plays MSPSP (premier) add $40 per player to the above base fee

  • Teams will be formed based on individual birth years where possible. Birth years may be combined to enhance player opportunities.

The above prices do not include costs for:

  • Uniforms - 2 kits (Approx. $80-$160)
  • Coaching Fees ($100-$150 fall, $100-$150 winter, $100-$150 spring) Half year teams are fall/winter or winter/spring coach fees
  • Tournaments
  • Winter Indoor training facility costs
  • Winter Indoor league play

Tournaments, winter indoor training and league play will be decided by the Coach and/or Director of Coaching for each team. Most teams participate in 1 or 2 winter sessions and all players are expected to participate.

Hamburg Community Soccer Club has been providing afforable youth soccer to the Michigan communities of Hamburg, Pinckney, Whitmore Lake, Brighton, Howell, Dexter, South Lyon and Ann Arbor for over 25 years.

In need of volunteer recreational coaches for all age groups. If interested, please click here

Use the MEMBER LOGIN tab to the left of this screen to view your player's team information, make payments or update any changes to email, address, etc. All practices and home games are held at Bennett Park West (Merrill fields).

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

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